Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies (AMCIS)

Pictures Memorial Symposium Jaap Dronkers

Education, Divorce, Elites and the Public Affairs

1 October 2017

On September 8, AMCIS organized a special memorial symposium in the University Library of Amsterdam in memory of Jaap Dronkers, Professor of Sociology, who died in 2016.

Based on these three key themes from his work, current work was presented by colleagues - such as Herman van de Werfhorst, Thijs Bol, Matthijs Kalmijn and Geert ten Dam - and attended to the merits of Dronkers. The symposium, consisting of an in-depth program and personal reflections from family and stakeholders, took place all day in The Doelenzaal of the University Library in Amsterdam.

Herdenkingssymposium Jaap Dronkers 1

Photo's: Sander Heezen

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