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Read the summary of the finished NWO-VIDI project of Herman van de Werfhorst, entitled "Productive Skills, Positional Good or Social Closure? Three Mechanisms for the Education Effect on the Labour Market across Structural‐Institutional Settings"

  1. Central finding 1: The vocational orientation of educational systems strengthens the effect of education on labormarket outcomesfor amixture of reasons relating to both the human capitalthatisinvolved, and the institutionalized closure patternsthat are in place.
  2. Central finding 2: Generically oriented educationalsystemsimpose a positional model to education with a focus on trainability.Or, put otherwise,systemsthat are strongly vocationally oriented limitthe positionality of education.
  3. Central finding 3: We do not find evidence that in more tracked educational systems, employers recruit relatively strongly on the basis of productivity enhancing skills.
  4. Central finding 4: Educational systems are not only related to the factual ‘production’ of inequalities, but also to the opinions that populations develop about income distributions.

Read the full report "'Productive Skills, Positional Good or Social Closure'