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During the Education Research Days Sociologist Thijs Bol won the VOR-VFO thesis award. Bol analysed the relation between educational level and chances on the labourmarket.

Thijs Bol

In his dissertation Thijs Bol examined how the institutional context influences the importance of three mechanisms that explain the educational payoff in the labour market: productivity enhancing skills, positional good, and social closure.

While a large body of literature studies the effects of institutional context on the strength of the education effect, and much has been written on the mechanism(s) by which education pays off, these two literatures are rarely combined.

The central goal of his dissertation was to bridge both literatures and propose a new framework to study the influence of the institutional context on the importance of the mechanisms by which education pays off in the labor market. 

About Thijs Bol

Thijs Bol is currently working as postdoctoral researcher in the PROO project at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. The PROO project focuses on educational systems. 

Download the dissertation (`Why does education pay off')