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Results: 1 - 17 of 17
  • 28 Nov 2019
    AMCIS Seminar Clemens Kroneberg: Social networks and ethnic boundary making in the school context

    15:30 - 16:45 | Lecture

    This AMCIS seminar will present new findings from the ERC-funded project SOCIALBOND that examines how the school context affects the structure of peer relations and identities in adolescence.

  • 14 Nov 2019
    AMCIS Seminar Samuel Friedman: The Class Ceiling

    15:30 - 16:45 | Lecture

    The hidden barriers, or ‘glass ceilings’, preventing women and minority ethnic groups from getting to the top are well documented. Yet questions of social class - and specifically class origin – have been largely ...

  • 17 Oct 2019
    AMCIS Seminar Marc Luy: Inequalities in life expectancy and lessons to be learned

    15:30 - 16:45 | Lecture

    Inequalities in health and mortality are a matter of great concern. Since more than a century, researchers try to identify the causes of such differentials in order to reduce or, ideally, eliminate them. In most ...

  • 9 May 2019
    AMCIS Seminar Nicoletta Balbo: Fertility Drain or Fertility Gain?

    15:30 - 16:45 | Lecture

    This AMCIS seminar aims at uncovering whether the sharp increase in out-migration from Italy during the years of the Great Recession (2009-2014) had any impact on Italian fertility.

  • 25 Apr 2019
    AMCIS Seminar Heike Klüver: Payoff Allocation in Coalition Governments

    15:30 - 16:45 | Lecture

    How are payoffs distributed in multiparty governments? In most parliamentary democracies, political parties have to form multiparty cabinets in order to gain access to office. Coalition parties thus have to come to ...

  • 12 Apr 2019
    AMCIS Seminar Claire Durand: Institutional Trust Outside the Western World 1995-2017

    15:30 - 16:45 | Lecture

    Comparative research using data from the International Survey programs has often focused on Western Europe and North America where it is rather easy to find similar measures of the concepts of interest.

  • 11 Apr 2019
    AMCIS Seminar Kristian Karlson: Black-White Trends in Intergenerational Educational Mobility

    15:30 - 16:45 | Lecture

    In this AMCIS Seminar, Karlson will examine black-white differences in intergenerational educational mobility for cohorts born in the U.S. 1915-1984.

  • 4 Apr 2019
    Seminar Jelle Visser: Designing good labour market institutions

    15:30 - 17:00 | Lecture

    On April 4th, Jelle Visser, emeritus professor of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam and former academic director of the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced labour Studies (AIAS), will give a seminar jointly ...

  • 19 Mar 2019
    AMCIS Citizenship & Education seminar

    15:00 - 16:30 | Lecture

    Jeroen Bron will present results from his doctoral thesis 'Student voice in curriculum development: Explorations of curriculum negotiations in secondary education classrooms.'

  • 14 Mar 2019
    Cancelled: AMCIS Seminar Clemens Kroneberg

    15:30 - 16:45 | Lecture

    * Due to illness this seminar is being cancelled. We hope to schedule a new AMCIS seminar with Clemens Kroneberg later this year*

  • 28 Feb 2019
    AMCIS Seminar Philipp Rehm: The past and future of welfare state politics

    15:30 - 16:45 | Lecture

    In 1880, not a single country had a nationally compulsory social policy program. A few decades later, every single one of today's rich democracies had adopted programs covering all or almost all of the main risks ...

  • 19 Feb 2019
    AMCIS seminar Citizenship & Education

    15:00 - 16:30 | Lecture

    On Tuesday the 19th of February, there will be a brand new AMCIS Citizenship & Education seminar on the bridge between knowledge and experience, in cooperation with Critical Mass. In this seminar, we’ll move from ...

  • 24 Jan 2019
    AMCIS Seminar Jeremy Freese: The Arrival of Social Science Genomics

    12:30 - 14:00 | Lecture

    Location: REC-E0.10. Lunch will be provided

  • 26 Sep 2018
    AMCIS & Amsterdam UMC Workshop: Health Inequality

    09:30 - 12:30 | Workshop

    On September 26, AMCIS and Amsterdam UMC (location AMC) on health inequality, will organize their first joint workshop.

  • 13 Sep 2016
    Welk soort wetenschappelijk bewijs is van belang voor onderwijsbeleidsanalyses?

    14:00 - 17:00 | Workshop

    In juni publiceerde het Centraal Planbureau (CPB) Kansrijk Onderwijsbeleid, een literatuurstudie die de kosten en baten van diverse onderwijsbeleidsmaatregelen in kaart bracht. De studie leidde tot veel discussie. ...

  • 15 Oct 2015
    Het Nederlandse onderwijsstelsel: wat gaat goed en wat kan beter?

    14:00 - 18:00 | Conference

    Welke stelselkenmerken van het Nederlandse onderwijs bevorderen het leren, verbeteren de voorbereiding op de arbeidsmarkt, en versterken de socialisatie tot zelfstandige burgers? Op 15 oktober 2015 presenteert een ...

  • 1 Feb 2013
    De sociale en maatschappelijke functie van de school

    14:00 | Conference

    Om te bevorderen dat al in een vroeg stadium tijdens de uitvoering uitwisseling van kennis plaatsvindt, en onderzoekers van gedachten kunnen wisselen over gemeenschappelijke theoretische en methodische vragen, ...