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Data Projects


AMCIS is involved with the following collaborative data projects:

ICCS - International Civic and Citizenship Education Study. An on-going, comparative research program of the Inter¬≠national Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA).

NELLS - Netherlands Longitudinal Life course Survey. A panel survey for the sociological research community.

NCO - Nationaal Cohortonderzoek Onderwijs (NCO).

ODISSEI  - Open Data Infrastructure for Social Sciences and Economics Innovation.

OKIN - Ouders en Kinderen in Nederland. A multi-actor survey among adults in the Netherlands, with the assistance of Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

GINI - Integrated Poverty and Inequality Dataset. The GINI Project studies the economic and educational drivers and the social, cultural and political impacts of increasing inequality with novel contributions on the measurement of income, wealth and education inequality.