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AMCIS Working Papers

Working Paper 2014/3

Inequalities in Youth Citizenship Knowledge and Attitudes:Does Cognitive Classroom Composition Matter?
Authors: Bram B. F. Eidhof, Geert T.M. ten Dam, Anne Bert Dijkstra and Herman G. van de Werfhorst 

Working paper 2014/2

Part-Time Wage-Gap in Germany: Evidence across the Wage Distribution.
Authors: Piret T├Ánurist (Tallinn University of Technology) and Dimitris Pavlopoulos (VU University Amsterdam)

Working Paper 2014/1

Are Ethnic Minorities Disadvantaged? The Employment Participation and Occupational Status of Moroccan and Turkish Second Generation Migrants in the Netherlands
Authors: Pablo Gracia ,Lucia Vazquez and Herman G. van de Werfhorst 

Working Paper 2013/1

Curricular Tracking and Central Examinations: Counterbalancing the Impact of Social Background on Student Achievement in 36 Countries
Authors: Thijs Bol, Jacqueline Witschge, Herman G. Van de Werfhorst and Jaap Dronkers

Working Paper 2011/1

Measuring Educational Institutional Diversity: External Differentiation, Vocational Orientation and Standardization.
Authors: Thijs Bol and Herman G. van de Werfhorst