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AMCIS studies inequalities in (post-)industrialized societies. Our research focuses on inequalities in education, income, living arrangements and political participation.

The Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies (AMCIS) was founded in 2011 at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) to initiate, facilitate, and valorize interdisciplinary research into inequality. Scholars within AMCIS study inequality in different domains, although they mostly focus on inequality in education, employment, housing, political preferences, and health. Within AMCIS we want to understand, describe, and explain (effects of) inequality across several domains. Learning more about inequality is not only scientifically relevant but is also central to public debates in society. How much (if any) inequality is acceptable? To what extent do children have equal opportunities in education? Do labour markets follow meritocratic principles? How big is the wealth inequality and how does it develop over time? And how do we guarantee social security for as many people as possible? As AMCIS, we want to contribute to these scientific and public debates.

Read more on the different projects that AMCIS-scholars engage in here.


Scholars from different disciplinary, methodological, and national backgrounds gather in  AMCIS to study inequality. The central goal of the Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies is to actively promote interdisciplinary collaborations in inequality research, but ideally also to foster relationships with stakeholders outside the university. We organize several workshops where stakeholders and scholars collectively discuss and share knowledge on inequality. Finally, AMCIS sees it as a goal to facilitate the collection of (open-access) high-quality data on inequality in different domains.


Prof. dr. T. (Thijs) Bol


Dr. E. (Eva) Zschirnt


Dr W.R. (Willem) Boterman


Dr. D.J. (Daphne) van der Pas


V.V. (Viktor) Decker


A.E. (Anna) Wang

Program Manager